Online Accounting

How it works?

OSP Online Accounting works just like a traditional accounting office. We calculate all the taxes and care for the delivery of all legal obligations of your company. The difference in the online accounting office is in the service, which is carried out through our online platform. In it, you have access to all the accounting information of your company, anytime and anywhere. Of course, we also provide the telephone service and if necessary, we can assist you in person at our headquarters in the city of Campinas.

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Advantages of Online Accounting?

Availability – Information available 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Trust- Thousands of companies served in 40 years of history.
Personalized online service – (email, control panel and presence if necessary)
The team of professionals – A team of talents working for your business.
Transparency – All information and documents exchanged between our offices are recorded in our activity log. Total transparency in the relationship.

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