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OSP Accounting Brazil is prepared to serve you in the main accounting services, whether your company is National or Multinational; Large, Medium or Simple EPP/ME; Trade, Industry, Non-Profit Organization or Cooperatives. Executed by professionals prepared and updated, OSP Accounting Brazil has the innovation, the commitment and the overcoming as driving forces in all the accounting services offered.

Whether in opening up companies, changing existing business, labor area or other accounting matters, our specialists will give full support to your company, always aiming at choosing the most suitable tax model for your business by doing a complete analysis of your business in a safe and fast way.


Our Specialties

During our 40 years of history, our company has developed expertise in specific areas, forming accountants who specialize in serving the main areas of expertise.

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Mining, Sanitation, and Environment


Logistics and Transportation


Technology and Internet


Arts, Culture and Education


Publishers and Graphic Publishers


Companies that rely on our Work

Main Areas of Practice

General Accounting Services

Classification and accounting in accordance with accounting principles in force
Issuance of the Journal, Cash Journal, LALUR, Reason, among others. 

Calculation and reconciliation of monthly balance sheets
Elaboration of the Annual Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Income Tax Return
ECD Generation and delivery (Digital Accounting Bookkeeping – SPED Accounting). Custom BI Reports
We also perform customized accounting services according to the needs of your company

Constitution and Corporate Consulting

Opening of Companies, Amendment and Closing
Follow-up of registration with the Commercial Registry, Registry Offices
Federal Revenue Service, Treasury Department, City Halls, Governing Bodies and Councils
Request for Negative Certificates and Operating Permits of various natures
Debt settlement and regularization of companies with public agenciess

Tax Advisory

Consulting and guidance in the control of the application of the current legal provisions (Federal, State, and Municipal)
Bookkeeping of tax records and control of invoices
Survey of assets and taxes recovery
Determination of the tax collection guides due
Generation and delivery of the EFD files (Digital Fiscal Bookkeeping – Fiscal SPEDs)
Assistance to fiscal agents

Consulting and Labor Advisory

Legal counseling labor and social security
Admissions and registration of employees
Termination and follow-up of approvals
Vacation calculations and control
Payroll processing and generation of slips for collection
Compliance with monthly and annual obligations (Sefip, RAIS, DIRF, E-Social)

Alpi Distribuidor Brasil Kirin sought the PASB to obtain an accounting advice that would offer them the assertiveness and safety necessary for the construction and execution of the company’s growth plan. As a result, they grew by 32% in 2016 and 14% in the first quarter of 2017.

Alexandrer Cabral

Founder, Alpi Distribuidora Brasil Kirin

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