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The opening of companies breaks records in Brazil every year. Growth in 2017 was 12% compared to 2016, according to Serasa Experian. This is the manifestation of the entrepreneurial spirit of the Brazilian people.

BUT, it is also true that the vast majority of new companies (more than 50%) don’t reach 5 years and one of the main reasons for the closure of companies, according to Sebrae, is the lack of prior planning (55% has no business plan).

The OSP Accounting client is NOT part of this statistic, do you know why?

At OSP Accounting, in addition to the complete opening of your company, which consists of the preparation of the Social Contract and registration in the competent bodies, we offer the consultancy* in the elaboration of the Business Plan of your project.

In this way, we greatly increase the chances of success of your business..

*exclusive consulting from a professional with extensive business experience for a period of 1 hour.

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